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Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer with a 78 year history, Templeman Co. realizes the importance of preserving the environment. We are committed to protecting the environment and controlling the usage of resources in the manufacturing process. To achieve these goals, we have put the following policies in place.

Compliance:Templeman Co. recognizes that federal, state, local and international laws, policies and regulation are a necessary first step toward protecting and preserving our environment. As such, we will comply with applicable environmental laws, policies and regulations at all levels. We will seek to understand not only the requirements, but also the objectives behind the requirements so that we can comply not only with the letter of the law but with the intent.

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle: Templeman Co. seeks to minimize the environmental impact of its manufacturing operations and products through our efforts to reduce consumption, reuse and recycle. Whenever possible, we will recommend cost effective design changes to reduce raw material requirements and incorporate recycled materials, consistent with required levels of quality. We will seek to reuse or repurpose materials and products before discarding and to the greatest extent possible, will seek to recycle that which cannot be reused. Disposal of waste products that cannot be recycled is handled by licensed contractors in such a way as to prevent environmental contamination.

Renewable Energy: Templeman Co. has undertaken and will continue to pursue programs and equipment upgrades to reduce energy consumption. Templeman Co. supports programs to increase the use of renewable energy sources for electric power generation. Templeman Co. is currently in the planning stages of a rooftop solar installation capable of meeting 100% of our electric power demand.

Responsible Procurement: Through collaborative efforts with its key suppliers and customers, Templeman Co. seeks to promote responsible procurement of goods and services.

Continuous Improvement: Recognizing that best practices in the area of environmental protection and renewal are rapidly changing, Templeman Co. will continuously monitor and periodically review this policy in order to promote a work environment for continuous improvement through correction and adaptation of advanced technology.