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About Us - DR Templeman Spring

Templeman Facility

Templeman Spring Facility - One Northwest Drive, Plainville, CT


Welcome DR Templeman Spring! From stock springs for immediate delivery to custom springs, we have the selection and engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to meet all of your spring requirements.

We aim to be your go-to supplier for critical components made from round and flat wire. With our extensive spring making experience and expertise in both design and production, continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary spring manufacturing equipment, and a relentless commitment to quality and customer service, we have what it takes to meet your most demanding requirements. Specializing in both stock and custom springs, available in small or large quantities, we have developed the manufacturing systems, processes, and expertise to excel in this arena.

We supply a wide range of stock and custom springs and spring related products:

Compression Springs
Extension Springs
Torsion Springs
Spring Guides
Flat Springs
Wire Forms

Our Mission

At The DR Templeman Spring, our mission is to be your supplier of choice for stock and custom springs and wire forms produced from round and flat wire.

We achieve this by:

• Staying close to our customers throughout all phases of the process including product selection and development, manufacturing and delivery.
• Providing unparalleled and knowledgeable technical support and exceptional customer service.
• Maintaining a relentless commitment to quality.

We maintain our competitive edge by attracting and retaining ambitious employees, providing them with every opportunity to reach their full potential as part of our highly efficient, well-equipped team. By fulfilling our mission, we earn the respect of our customers, suppliers, peers, and the community in which we live and work.

Our History

Our story began in 1938 when David R. (Dave) Templeman started the company in his cellar at the corner of Park and Bicycle Streets in Plainville, Connecticut. Dave's spring manufacturing skills, learned while working at the Spring Division of American Steel & Wire in Worcester, Massachusetts, laid the foundation for what would become The D. R. Templeman Company. Despite the challenges of the Great Depression, Dave's determination and love for spring making drove him to meet the growing need for small springs in the electrical device industry.

Over the years, our product range expanded beyond springs for electro-mechanical switches to include springs and wire forms for medical devices, electronics, inspection instruments, alternative energy devices, and much more.

At DR Templeman Spring, we are proud of our heritage and committed to our future by continually striving to deliver exceptional spring making quality and service to our valued customers.