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Custom Springs

Custom Springs

Overview of Custom Springs
Custom springs are essential components tailored to meet specific requirements in various applications. Whether you need compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, or wire forms, custom springs provide the perfect solution for unique challenges in design, performance, and functionality. At DR Templeman Spring, we specialize in creating high-quality custom springs that meet the precise specifications of our clients across different industries.

Custom Spring Design
Designing a custom spring involves meticulous planning and precision engineering to ensure optimal performance. Our experienced engineers work closely with you to understand your application's specific requirements and constraints.

The design process includes:

Load and Deflection Requirements: Determining the necessary load and deflection to ensure the spring performs as needed under various conditions.
Dimensional Constraints: Considering space limitations and ensuring the spring fits perfectly within the allocated space.
End Configurations: Customizing end types to suit the attachment requirements of your application.
Performance Criteria: Evaluating factors such as fatigue life, environmental conditions, and stress limits to ensure long-lasting performance.

Materials for Custom Springs
Choosing the right material is crucial for the performance and durability of custom springs. We offer a wide range of materials to meet the specific needs of your application, including:
Stainless Steel: Excellent for corrosion resistance and high-strength applications.
Music Wire: Ideal for high-stress applications requiring high tensile strength.
Phosphor Bronze: Great for electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
Inconel: Suitable for high-temperature applications due to its excellent heat resistance. • Custom Alloys: We can source and work with various specialty alloys to meet unique application requirements.

Finishes for Custom Springs
Finishing processes enhance the durability, appearance, and performance of custom springs. We offer a variety of finishes to suit your needs, including:
Electroplating: Provides corrosion resistance and improved appearance with options such as zinc, nickel, and chrome plating.
Passivation: Enhances corrosion resistance for stainless steel springs.
Powder Coating: Offers a durable, attractive finish available in multiple colors.
Shot Peening: Increases fatigue life by introducing residual compressive stresses on the surface of the springs.
Custom Coatings: We can apply specialized coatings to meet specific environmental or performance requirements.

Request a Custom Quotation
Requesting a custom quotation for your spring needs is easy with The DR Templeman Spring. Follow these steps to get started:
1. Contact Us: Reach out via our Custom Quote Contact Form or call us directly at 800-203-4290 to discuss your project requirements.
2. Provide Specifications: Share detailed information about your application, including load and deflection requirements, material preferences, dimensional constraints, and any specific performance criteria.
3. Design Consultation: Our engineers will review your specifications and consult with you to ensure we understand all aspects of your requirements.
4. Quotation: We will provide a detailed quotation, including pricing, lead times, and any additional information needed for your project.
5. Approval and Production: Once you approve the quotation, we will proceed with the production of your custom springs, ensuring the highest quality standards are met throughout the process.

Why Choose DR Templeman Spring?
Expertise: Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality custom springs for various industries.
Customization: Tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of your application.
Quality: Commitment to using the best materials and processes to ensure superior performance and durability.
Customer Service: Dedicated support throughout the design and production process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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