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Spring Guides

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Spring guides are also known as coil springs, coil pipes, medical springs, cable sheaths, or outer jackets. They are long, slender, close wound springs often used to provide a flexible skeleton for assemblies. Templeman uses a proprietary manufacturing process to produce even tension and precise spring guide coil alignment for your most exacting demands.

The D.R.Templeman Company is unique in the world of spring guide manufacturers. To learn more about our unique capabilities or to search our inventory of stock spring guides and coil pipes, click the buttons below:

Spring guides and coil pipes are utilized in a variety of applications including bicycle brake cables, biopsy forceps, catheters, other medical devices, and control cables within flexible boroscopes or animatronics. They can also be used as a reinforcing element either inside or over the top of a length of thin plastic tubing. D.R. Templeman's manufacturing process creates spring guides with a silky smooth surface, which translates into smooth operation of the device in which the spring guide is implemented.

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In addition to round wire spring guides, Templeman is also equipped to produce spring guides from flat wire. We start with round wire and roll it flat so that the ratio of the width to the thickness is approximately 1.5 to 1. Then we wind it on the flat to produce the spring guide. The rolling process produces a cross section with rounded edges so there are no corners to dig in as the spring guide is flexed. The flats give a smooth surface, and the reduced wall thickness of the spring guide allows it to fit in a smaller channel. Other width to thickness ratios can be produced, but we have found that the 1.5 to 1 ratio is ideal for most applications.