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Springs for Consumer Products


Springs of every shape and size make the products we use every day work. From ball point pens to jewelry to recyclable containers, we rely on spring manufacturers for the spring technology that is integral to basic engineering. When it comes to consumer products, your competitive advantage often comes down to an innovative feature or your ability to make it for less. From choosing the best material to optimizing the design with regard to piece cost, manufacturability and assembly considerations, we are here to assist you with each step, helping you to avoid costly mistakes. Plus we are experts at designing springs for automated assembly. We know the tricks for designing custom springs that can be fed using vibratory feeders and roller feeders to deliver one, properly oriented spring at a time for automated assembly into your product. If you make a product that uses springs or wire forms, D.R. Templeman is the spring manufacturer that has the flexibility and expertise to help you manufacture your product efficiently -- ensuring quality and maybe even saving you money while doing it.


"I appreciate the cooperation and fast response we get from D.R. Templeman. They provide technical support and expertise that we simply don’t receive from other vendors. D.R. Templeman has been a valuable partner to Orange Research for many years, and I see them as a big part of our future success."

Engineering Manager


"Last year, we needed to replenish our supply of small springs --- a critical component in one of our products.


We made contact with The D. R. Templeman Company, explained our needs, sent samples and drawings and began discussions. After examining our product, and understanding it well, (the Templeman engineer) suggested some improvements which he explained in detail then made up samples which he sent to us to try in the product so we could make comparisons.


The samples he sent did, indeed, prove superior -- in terms of both performance and ease of assembly -- to the existing components (springs) we had been using. We took his advice and decided on the improved version he created.


We have been using these new springs in our product for almost a year now. The new springs provide a true UPGRADE for our product.


Thank you, for your imaginative and creative work on our behalf."